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minced cooked meat or fish coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried in deep fat

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Season and place on a plate, with the rissoles on top.
Still, geese have got big bones and there would be plenty for left-overs, for goose rissoles and goose quiche.
Meanwhile, Frankie's long-suffering family Mum, Dad and elder siblings, Tom and Angel contend with Frankie's scatter-brained approach to life: it wasn't Frankie's fault that Rag the dog ate the rissoles or escaped while she was grooming him, smudging Dad's carefully done paintwork in his haste to escape, nor was it her fault she had used too hot an iron on Angel's shirt--she was only trying to help.
This time we ordered the delicious lamb sarmi (11 leva: five thumb-sized pan-fried rissoles of minced real lamb meat, wrapped in caul; greasy, but good.
Charles Darwin's Recipe Book" offers a an series of dishes ranging from Fish Croquettes; Celery Sauce; Potato Rissoles; and Stewed Mushrooms; to Vegetable Soup; Nesselrode Pudding; Quince Jelly; and Scotch Cake.
Divide the mixture in the bowl into 10 rissoles, roll them in the matzo meal and flatten them into patties when they are covered.
It would be brilliant to have caviar at Carlisle, reindeer rissoles at Ripon, paella at Pontefract, but I would like to see changes not just in the food, though that would be welcome, but in the overall attitude.
Dishes such as Traditional Oven-Roasted Sardines and Shrimp Rissoles make the most of seafood, so access to a good fresh seafood market is essential.
However, had only one of us chosen the Chicken Rissoles (pounds 4.75), I am sure the other would soon have been stealing a forkful due to the delicious smell emanating from the plates.
The third pillar is specialties for the "center of the plate," such as rissoles and gyros.
The salads (pounds 3 each) were beautifully presented and the platter boasted prawn rissoles, cheese pastries, sausage rolls and chicken balls (pounds 1.25 each.
After 52 years of marriage the spark clearly is still alive - mum thought he had Britt Ekland in watching Scotland Today with him and making him rissoles. Sweet but mental
rissoles, beef-burgers, spiced mince fingers, ribs and nuggets.
(The same dish also has deeper European roots in the cooked round meat patties known as rissoles and the raw meat version called "steak tartare.") At the St.
Hamburger-type products are the most popular prepared meat item; meatballs and rissoles sell in large quantities in some countries.