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minced cooked meat or fish coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried in deep fat

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Meat Loaf, whose performance at the MCG was described by punters as the worst AFL entertainment ever, also warned he would take on the cyber bullies one by one, who had labelled him everything from a "rissole to trainwrecktastic."
They also accused him of offering through a private company 12A 000 kebapche (a traditional grilled oblong rissole) to those present at the official ceremony of the admission of the Ludogorets football team in football group A.
He concludes: "Nowadays, I find myself dreaming of a television service where chefs are no longer allowed to rissole the language, or food critics encouraged to compare a well-cooked pork chop with the Sistine Chapel.
Bemoaning the loss of ITV's highbrow arts series The South Bank Show, Parky, 74, writes in this week's Radio Times: "I find myself dreaming of a television service where chefs are no longer allowed to rissole the language.
Guests got to sample Australian products that are already available locally, then proceeded to sample a sumptuous feast of pavlovas, mini meat pies, beef rissole sliders and Australian lamb, among many others.
Diners can indulge in a three-course menu featuring mezze such as a summer salad with flowers and vegetables and a tomato condiment, and lamb and fig rissole; mains such as Bresse duckling or grilled fillet of kofar with carrot-saffron.
"At the end of the day, the decision's been made and I got the rissole. It doesn't matter what the process is, it doesn't change the fact that I'm no longer a selector," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Hughes, as saying when asked about the process that cut the panel from five members to four.
The Bulgarian state standard will soon be implemented for meat products like minced meat, grilled oblong rissole, meatball, sausage and some boiled and smoked meat products.
My girlfriend, feeling more adventurous, had the roast fillet of Scottish venison with braised red cabbage, wild mushrooms, and rissole potatoes with red wine sauce.
* Yukon Gold Rissole Potatoes with Garden Herbs, accentuated with a blend of parsley, dill, chervil, chives and roasted garlic.
IN LAST week's Sunday Mercury article on The 1940s House, Richard Williamson said: 'How would you like to return to eating rissoles?' I bet he doesn't even know what a rissole is.
It's a time when the standard, less-than-exciting vegetarian Christmas fare appears - the nut cutlet, the Glamorgan sausage, the sad vegetable rissole, all shoved onto the same plate with the standard trimmings in the hope it'll appease the non-carnivorous.