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Synonyms for identification

Synonyms for identification

the act of designating or identifying something

the condition of having the identity (of a person or object) established

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the process of recognizing something or someone by remembering

the attribution to yourself (consciously or unconsciously) of the characteristics of another person (or group of persons)

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'The only way to surface those risks was through actual engagement with the third party and through ongoing risk identification over the course of the third-party relationship.'
An ad hoc, unstructured, or nonexistent approach to risk identification may lead auditors to question whether there is a sufficient "tone at the top" regarding risk management.
If you're looking for some insight into risk identification and risk assessment, just look at a camp insurer's application for insurance.
The guide includes a description of adventure tourism in wadis, the risk identification and management process, the mechanism of classifying wadis, the most prominent activities that can be carried out in wadis, and how to manage the risks, teamwork, activity practitioners, and types of equipment and accidents.
The country also has a more comprehensive risk identification methodology.
The following five pillars explore critical aspects of data analytics, including risk identification and stratification.
Additionally, QTS will deploy Virtustream's Viewtrust a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution to deliver world-class risk identification and analysis mitigation planning and compliance automation as part of QTS' portfolio of data centers and IT infrastructure services.
With today's businesses facing a heightened risk of cyber attacks, they are in need of strong risk identification and mitigation strategies driven by collaboration between business units across the company, said Ash Noah, CPA, CGMA, Vice President of CGMA External Relations for the AICPA.
* Augmentation and further delineation of the stages of the IT risk management process, including risk identification, measurement, mitigation, monitoring and reporting.
The highlights will be on the latest technologies, methodologies, practices and key trends in reducing lost time, risk identification, HSE management systems, behavioral safety, fatigue management, fire safety, etc.
Risk Identification is to identify potential threat scenarios that may constitute risks.
Aji Joseph, General Manager, RadarServices Middle East, added, "Our Risk Detection and Intelligence Service allows pro-active, continuous risk identification. No data leaves the client's premises.
Medical device OEMs may fail to follow a robust risk identification process, which can neglect the risks that emerge when a device is integrated into a larger healthcare system.
After process of analyze, it can be summarized that most of the respondents suggesting the process of risk identification needs to be run from the very beginning stage of a particular project.
The verification process determines whether a comprehensive, transparent risk management approach related to risk identification and mitigation has been implemented to allow sustainable shale project development or expansion, www.dnvgl.