risk capital

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wealth available for investment in new or speculative enterprises

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Building up risk capital goes well beyond increasing your capacity to take on financial risk by amassing wealth.
Lending Project in the Startups and Risk Capital component (see attached Project Appraisal Document (PAD)) by providing the technical, strategic and operational inputs to inform project
Country: UKSector: TourismTarget: Neilson Active Holidays LtdBuyer: Risk Capital PartnersVendor: Thomas Cook Group PlcDeal size in USD: 14.
Risk Capital Partners have invested in a majority share of the company providing additional capital to support Cruise.
A major report found if the Executive committed PS25million each year to a 20-year risk capital programme for knowledge-based companies it would provide a massive boost.
Investment from equity risk capital sources can be invaluable to start up businesses.
Box 1 Application of capital charges within Reserve Bank solvency standards Insurance Risk Capital Charge: --Non-life insurance: Factor-based charges applied to Premium Liabilities and Outstanding Claims Liabilities across identified classes of insurance business.
It is understood that Risk Capital wrote to the council stating the track was due to close and were thus seeking 'advice' on the best way forward thereafter, with development for housing stock on its agenda.
The Chinese banking regulator has announced risk capital levels for trust firms in the country.
The European Commission consequently decided, on 1 October, to authorise the tax advantages under state aid rules, provided Germany brings them into line with the EU's 2006 risk capital guidelines.
The German risk capital regulation temporarily adapts certain risk capital mechanisms: the measure will allow for more flexible risk capital investments until 2010.
Amisil, a risk capital investor, seeks to recover the value of its investment in Clarium, which it said is worth as much as $18 million.
Always regarded as a vital link in the exploration chain, juniors are exploring scattered little nickel deposits considered too uneconomical for larger seniors and are raising the bulk of the risk capital too.