rising tide

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the occurrence of incoming water (between a low tide and the following high tide)

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Rick Snyder created Rising Tide to help communities by offering technical assistance while promoting collaboration among local leaders.
com/2018/01/11/rising-tide-charter-public-schools-stomach-virus/) WBZ-TV first reported The Rising Tide Charter Public School in Plymouth, Massachusetts, saw more than 20 percent of its student body out with a stomach virus Thursday.
A CANADIAN woman and her brother were rescued from a notorious cut-off point as the rising tide trapped them on rocks.
Created by Firaxis Games, Rising Tide enriches the Beyond Earth experience by offering a robust array of expansion content, with even more strategic ways to shape humanity's future on an alien planet.
Eventually, man began to understand the laws of nature and Spalding suggests the watery horizons behind the shy smile of Mona Lisa reflect a rising tide of knowledge as well as the rising tide of a curved ocean and a growing realisation that our Earth was round.
People of faith should also reject the rising tide of Islamophobia, which has become as acceptable in our time as anti-Semitism was prior to World War II.
The vessel ran aground on a sandbank between the coast and the island in an area which is too shallow for any vessel and was in danger of flooding on the rising tide.
Fewer members of staff, tighter budgets and a rising tide of admissions have led to a deterioration of ward rounds in hospitals, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the Royal College of Nursing said.
Now coastguards - who routinely have to rescue motorists caught by the rising tide - have been moved to issue a fresh safety warning.
A FISHERMAN had to be rescued when he was stranded on rocks by the rising tide.
The group, who were walking back from the nature reserve on Hilbre Island, were up to their thighs in the rising tide but made it safely to the second highest of three islands.
The action by climate change group Rising Tide in Newcastle stopped operations at all three terminals operated by Port Waratah Coal Services, which normally run continuously, a company spokesman said.
Rising Tide, the Newcastle-based activist group, has won this year's Peter Rawlinson Award after 12 months of tireless and fearless action drawing attention to the looming climate crisis.
On the 26th of September 2010, fifty activists from the grassroots climate action group, Rising Tide Australia, simultaneously occupied three export coal loading facilities in the Hunter Valley port of Newcastle, and thereby shut down the world's biggest coal exporting port for a day.
Anthony Chambers, 50, helped rescue two teenage boys trapped by the rising tide in a cliff cave near Castlerock Strand in Co Antrim last August.