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a disposition to laugh

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Any anthology that discredits our risibility is wanting.
Thus, the substantial form of humanity is constituted of animality, bipedicity, rationality, risibility, and so on; the substantial form of equininity is constituted of quadrupedicity, having a mane, a tail consisting of hair, being an ungulate, and so on.
Consequently, the risibility of the proverbial expression is just trivial in the amusing effects, but not in theory.
Indeed, the risibility of the "wearish old man," which appears from the beginning as tinged with melancholy in its interweaving of pathos and buffoonery, crystallizes by the end of the play into a language that is a direct manifestation of an infinite cycle of desire and finally a silent acknowledgment of an absolute impotence against it.
The film's attempts to wring emotional drama from the spectacle of the endangered Farraday family often tilt into outright risibility, most disturbingly with regard to Beckinsale's Kate; the filmmakers were clearly enamored enough with the image of her head being slammed against a wall that they opted to use it twice.
Kingdom of Earth is equal parts Coward and Hobbes, an assertion both of the risibility of the fantasies on which comedy depends and of the brutalism of the genre's processes of selection.
No one has so far claimed risibility for the incident.
THE risibility of the way the world golf rankings are compiled reached new heights on Sunday when Lee Westwood and Luke Donald fought, 13 time zones apart, for the right to be called top Englishman and, more importantly, the world No.
Loy can be seen responding to philosophies of laughter in her best-known poem sequence, "Songs to Joannes" (1917), where she portrays risibility and sexuality as conduits to ecstasy.
Other Ros critics have ridiculed the risibility of Ros's remarkable ruminations, with some incurring Amanda's anger in return.
Beyond repairs, the service portal gives Olympus customers enhanced inventory and purchasing risibility.
The author's surveying eye, that theodolite of literary history, measures how in the Romantic era 'grotesque' became ever more synonymous with risibility.
26) The forgery's reputation for risibility is itself an enduring legacy of the controversy, which needs to be questioned.
In our time, Umberto Eco has renewed this debate in The Name Of The Rose, counter pointing William of Baskerville's use of humour to undermine authority with monastery librarian Jorge of Burgos' revival of Basil's claim that Christ never laughed to justify both his ban on risibility and the burning of Aristotle's treatise on comedy.
In order to demonstrate what he considers the facileness and risibility of the Arghezian style, Ionesco also creates his own poem pastiches.