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Synonyms for riposte

Synonyms for riposte

a spirited, incisive reply

to speak or act in response, as to a question

Synonyms for riposte

a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)

(fencing) a counterattack made immediately after successfully parrying the opponents lunge

make a return thrust

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Lundi 12 Janvier 2015, a partir de 09h00 du matin a la Salle des Liaisons a l'Aeroport Mohammed V de Casablanca , le Ministre de la Sante, le Professeur El Houssaine Louardi, et leMinistre de l'Interieure, Mohammed Hassad,presideront, une conference de presse concernant les mesures mises en place par le Ministere de la sante et ses partenairespourla veille et la preparation a la riposte contre le risque de la Maladie a virus Ebola .
Riposte gets identical conditions here, and it will be a surprise if Tom Queally's mount does not find the requisite improvement to make an impression at the highest level.
But last year's contest was won by Great Heavens, who had a similarly progressive profile to Riposte.
The Yeltz produced the perfect riposte to their Boxing Day defeat at Bromsgrove Rovers, with Saturday's victory pushing them into third place in the table, two points behind leaders King's Lynn.
Yet the director ultimately makes of his own family the most eloquent riposte to the lies of the haters.
Intended as a riposte to the contemporary urban condition, the UIA conjured up a '50s B-movie nightmare vision of 'the people of the world trapped inside big introvert buildings, skyscrapers, supermarkets and cars unable to experience architecture anymore'.
Now as in the 1960s the book is a solid riposte to a new generation of arm-chair generals and journalistic historians who argue that SOE was at best irrelevant and at worst, harmful to the British war effort.
DISPARITIES AND DEFORMATIONS: OUR Grotesque"--the evocative title selected by Robert Storr for SITE Santa Fe's Fifth International Biennial--might at first glance suggest a curatorial riposte to the previous installment of the New Mexico institution's signature exhibition event, Dave Hickey's 2001 "Beau Monde: Toward a Redeemed Cosmopolitanism.
The latter is particularly apparent in the concluding pair of chapters, "True Lights and 'New' Lights" and "Perfection Postponed," a spirited riposte to the work of Nigel Smith and much recent scholarship largely sympathetic to the radical elements of civil war.
It offers a timely riposte to the anti-capitalist hyperbole.
These applications can run seamlessly alongside existing Riposte applications, but more importantly, they can be deployed beyond counter automation networks into other parts of the enterprise, over the Internet, and even into customer and partner organizations.
There's another neat riposte to Miller: One Tree, by Natalie Jeremijenko, stations cloned trees in the gallery to make the point that, while genetically identical, "they are not the same.
Black, never short of polysyllabic ammunition, roared back by firing off from his base in London, England, a riposte so scorching it risked melting the presses on which the Calgary Herald is printed.
came the riposte as Coward climbed into his waiting limousine.
Zegart intends Flawed by Design to be an academic riposte to the prevailing realist theory of international relations, which assumes that in global politics, states act purely according to their interests; to the realist, the bureaucratic organization of a government has no discernable effect on the foreign policy it pursues.