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a cord that is pulled to open the gasbag of a balloon wide enough to release gas and so causes the balloon to descend

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a cord that is pulled to open a parachute from its pack during a descent

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When making a static line jump, tile student's ripcord is pulled by a line attached to the parachute upon exiting the aircraft.
We are committed to world-class customer service, and a big part of ensuring customer satisfaction is fulfilling orders quickly and accurately," said Darren Shane, co-founder of Ripcords.
Webgistix's unique SmartFill(TM) platform allows e-commerce retailers such as Ripcords to gain all the benefits of outsourcing while giving them total control over order fulfillment as well as real-time, web-based visibility into fulfillment operations.
Ripcord Systems, leading developer of wireless products and services connecting mobile workforces with corporate enterprise systems, today announced the addition of Morton Topfer to its Board of Directors, bringing nearly 40 years of worldwide experience in the mobile and high tech sectors to the Company.
Softbank's backing is central to Ripcord's next stage of expansion," says Mark Lundstrom, president and CEO of Ripcord Systems.