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a cord that is pulled to open the gasbag of a balloon wide enough to release gas and so causes the balloon to descend

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a cord that is pulled to open a parachute from its pack during a descent

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Hoppe's ( offers a tool similar in function to the Ripcord called the BoreSnake.
The BoreSnake can be used dry, just like the Otis Ripcord, but seeing as it has a built-in brush, putting a few drops of bore cleaner on the bristles seems to me to be the most efficient way to use it.
Hoppe's advertises the BoreSnake is machine washable, which answers the question I had about how to remove all the particulates from the fibers after it (or the Ripcord) has been used a few times.
Hoppe's BoreSnake is larger than the Otis Ripcord, and more expensive, but you get more features and surface area.