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a cord that is pulled to open the gasbag of a balloon wide enough to release gas and so causes the balloon to descend

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a cord that is pulled to open a parachute from its pack during a descent

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Ripcord's fleet of robot's leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to adapt to the wide variety of unstructured content that customer's send to be processed every day.
Ripcord issued a statement saying that its board of directors was investigating the allegations and is "committed to taking appropriate action, if any, based on the results of the review."
Remember, the Ripcord is designed as a quick way to clean your barrel in the field; it is not meant to replace a cleaning kit.
A rope was tied to Fred Winter's ripcord, and he was let off the plane.
Ripcord 10EC (625ml.ha-1), Karate 2.5EC (625ml.ha-1) and Furadan 3G (25 kg.ha-1) were applied to the crop when pest density reached at economic threshold level.
Initially, the outcomes of the FAME 2 trial within 2 years was published in 2014.[sup][2] The results were similar to those of the landmark trial of FAME 2 published in 2012.[sup][3] Moreover, in a recently published meta-analysis, it was stated that the deferral of PCI based on FFR was a safe strategy.[sup][4] An invasive study based on FFR not only help us to decide whether to perform the intervention to an individual lesion, but also may change significantly the patient management strategies, as clearly shown in the RIPCORD study.[sup][5]
The Manhattan Theater Club presumably commissioned "Ripcord" from playwright David Lindsay-Abaire to give their faithful subscription audience a subject dear to their own hearts.
Working in conjunction with a case sealing machine, RipCord tape head technology is offered as a safe and easy way to apply a string that opens packaged contents without knives, box cutters or other cutting tools.
The new Ripcord adds another level of utility, as a couple of passes through the bore during long practice sessions will keep fouling buildup to a minimum.
It's a Ripcord, the newest tool providing breech-to-muzzle cleaning from Otis Technology (
April 6 -- Mount Snow, West Dover, Vt., Glade-iator mogul competition on Ripcord trail.
That's for your skill to decide Each set comes complete with Speedorz vehicles, five trading cards, ripcord, collectible minifigure, two weapons and one challenge.
These are a skydiving simulator, the RipCord by iFly, which will allow the ship's passengers to sample the effects of skydiving in a safe and controlled environment, and North Star, a glass cabin that is similar to the cars on the London eye, which will extend on a gantry for over 300 feet, across and above the waves below to give passengers inside it a 360 degree panoramic view.