riot control

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the measures taken to control a riot

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This report provides an in-depth market analysis for the riot control system market.
Law enforcement, including domestic riot control purposes," is not prohibited under the Convention, without limitation to the tear gas.
The Nimr Internal Security Vehicle - 4X4 - powered by a water cooled turbocharged diesel engine - is a fast deployment riot control troop carrier.
The Skunk Riot Control Copter can fire a variety of ammunition--dye marker balls, pepper spray balls or solid plastic balls.
Some are trained for riot control, some for parades and events, some for patrols and some help encourage children with disabilities to open up to the world.
htm) killed over 200 people in the Damascus suburbs could be an accident caused by a riot control agent, and those responsible may be a faction of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and not the Assad regime, according to a chemical weapons specialist.
Coventry Transport Museum has taken delivery of a 1950s Humber Pig riot control vehicle and a 1960s Alvis Saracen armoured personnel carrier from the Imperial War Museum at Duxford.
Turkish defense industry firm Nurol Makina Sanayi (NMS) has launched its armored vehicle Ejder 4x4 and unveiled its riot control vehicle TOMA at the International Defense Industry Fair that has been taking in Istanbul since May 7 and is ending today.
We resolved law enforcement related issues through supply of riot control means, communications support, strengthening of capacity of law enforcers of the region," Shamil Atahanov said.
The State Reserve Police and riot control police were pressed into action to bring the situation under control.
This takes away armed response teams, riot control officers, and dog teams from our region.
Chapters on riot control illustrate quad and platoon formations as well as crowd control weapons and other equipment.
And to think, this is the man who, had his career not veered off course, could have been in charge of overseeing riot control.
The New York police department head who gladly offered his long expertise in riot control to the British, cited the example of 1992 when New York police succeeded in drastically reducing rioting and arson to the minimum.
Police in mainland Britain have never used the vehicles for riot control before.