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the removal of soap with clean water in the final stage of washing

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In this study, the 16 participants tired out their biceps by flexing them for 11 minutes before rinsing their mouths with either a carbohydrate drink or a non-calorific, taste-matched drink.
Aim: Post-brushing water rinsing may reduce the risk of fluoride (F) ingestion from dentifrice, however the decreased salivary F bioavailability may compromise any consequent anticaries benefits.
Filipiak believes in pre-procedural rinsing to reduce bacteria for a variety of procedures from extractions to ultrasonic.
as a replacement for traditional bottle decontamination using sterile water and peracetic acid rinsing.
Washing and rinsing with a hose uses up to 30 gallons of water, and the maps, suds and residues often wash into storm drains and pollute local water sources.
Unlike washing with soap and water, using these gels doesn't require rinsing or drying one's hands.
This alternative sealant technique, which does not require a rinsing step, is as follows:
Slap on some mayonnaise for five minutes to an hour before rinsing out for silky locks.
After rinsing, skip the lotion but put on a pat of baby powder or cornstarch.
The scientists also found that the first rinsing removed most of the arsenic from the children's hands.
Because wax--and the dirt, soil, and residues that may get trapped underneath--is not removed simply by rinsing with water, water is not the best solution for clean produce," it explains.
On some wash/wear fabrics it may be necessary to let stand for several hours before rinsing, then launder as usual.
Smoothing plain yogurt on a sunburned face and shoulders and rinsing with cool water will also help.
Even though we have a hot air dryer at the end of the rinse section, I have noticed moisture on some of our more dense assemblies after the cleaning and rinsing process.
And use paper towels, not dishcloths, to clean up any spilled meat juices and to dry the turkey after rinsing.