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a highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the center

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Nina Dorrell, prosecuting for Wyre Forest District Council, told Kidderminster Magistrates' Court that on January 26, 2017, while driving on the Proud Cross Ringway in Kidderminster, Miss Quinn threw a cigarette end out of her car window and drove away.
It doesn't take a great leap of imagination to imagine how a simple clean would have done the same for the threatened Ringway Centre across the road.
Clinic Drive, Vicarage Street and Roanne Ringway will also be closed for approximately 20 minutes between 10.
An alternative route continues along Oakdale to join the Harrogate Ringway from the right although the road surface is uneven in places.
If Shropshire also appoints Ringway, it is possible the authorities could make further savings.
MAY DAY MADNESS Pupils from Ringway First School in Guidepost, Northumberland, dance around a traditional Maypole at Beamish Museum, right, while, far right, three-year-old Sam Willoughby enjoys a Roman re-enactment day at Chesters Fort.
Each class at Ringway is taking part in a sponsored exercise routine while parents and visitors attend a coffee morning, organised by Dawn and her sister Wendy.
Provision and management of Multi-Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS) connectivity from Telstra Europe, a provider of voice and Internet services, has been chosen by Ringway Ltd, a development and maintenance agency in the UK.
The airport was hoping to capitalise while Ringway underwent repairs.
Ringway, a subsidiary of Eurovia (Vinci group) will be responsible for the maintenance of the entire project, according to Vinci.
He is notoriously aggressive to strangers and shuns company at his home on the busy St John's Ringway.
In order to provide access to the area between the call station and the remote train (RUN) before performing a temporary call station in NEL-RB2, in another contract, first the abbreviation of the southeastern end of the ringway prank is performed.
The plans to overhaul the 1960s-built Ringway Centre were welcomed by most planning committee members during a preview briefing by developer Commercial Estates Group (CEG).
Plans by developers Commercial Estates Group (CEG) plan to overhaul the 1960s-built Ringway Centre were welcomed by planning committee members.
The van was spotted burning on the Ringway Trading Estate on Beck Road near the junction with St John's Road at 2.