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WEALTHY ringsiders paid more than pounds 100-a-minute for their view of Lennox Lewis' destructive powers against Frans Botha.
Referee Paul Thomas ended the fight just before the end of the second round but most ringsiders were of the opinion that he should lhave stepped in at least a minute earlier with Reid in total disarray.
Holyfield earned $20 million for the first draw on his record but, in the eyes of many ringsiders, it was one of the most important decisions of his career because it kept him a champion.
It ill behoves most ringsiders - especially journalists - to question a boxer's courage.
CJ Ross and Duane Ford scored it 115-113 for Bradley, while Jerry Roth saw it 115-113 for Pacquiao, who ringsiders thought did just enough to merit the decision.
Even though most ringsiders had the 28-year-old from Coventry ahead after nine rounds, Brown was a point ahead on referee Grant Wallis's scorecard.
As security men ushered ringsiders towards the exits, the contest continued, although both fighters were clearly distracted, and eventually they too were asked to leave the hall, still in their boxing kit.
Corrales holds the WBC and WBO lightweight titles, having stopped Castillo last month in a war most ringsiders described as one of the greatest in boxing history.
Nicknamed 'Feet Of Flames', Flately was out in the first round of the 'King Of The Welterweights' knockout contest - though ringsiders believed judges got it wrong when they awarded finalist Douglas Morrison the points.
Many ringsiders thought his career had permanently hit the buffers after Jacklord Jacobs stopped him in two rounds at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre in January last year.
JOE BUGNER bt Cooper (Wembley, 1971): Ref Harry Gibbs astonished ringsiders by raising 21-year-old Bugner's hand after Cooper, nearly 37, had seemed to finish the 15-rounder more strongly.
Thompson wants a re-match after the fight was stopped in the fifth round by Derby referee Paul Thomas - prematurely, in the opinion of many ringsiders.
He drew with Marion Wilson in 1994, lost a tough 10-round decision to Holyfield in 1995 and lost a decision to Lewis in a 10-round bout a lot of ringsiders thought he won May 10, 1996.
Ringsiders thought Marquez, coming off the Pacquiao smackdown, would steamroll past Bradley but the Mexican looked lost amid Bradley's dazzling ring generalship.
McKervey did touch down in the last round from a left-right, but was quickly on his feet and his crowding attacks had won the first three rounds for most ringsiders.