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an acute infectious viral disease of cattle (usually fatal)

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"We only found out about this trophic cascade when rinderpest was eliminated from the population," Buck explains.
Global, he said that the veterinary services, FAO and World Organization of Animal Health through collaboration and persistent efforts eradicated the disease in 2011 through global Rinderpest Eradication Program.
Evaluation of polymerase chain reaction for the detection and characterisation of rinderpest and peste des petits ruminants viruses for epidemiological studies.
This unwieldy group includes old enemies like mumps and measles virus, respiratory syncytial and parainfluenza viruses, and others like rinderpest and canine distemper virus better known to veterinarians.
Indeed, World Food Prize Laureates have been at the forefront of almost every significant agricultural breakthrough during this period: from the development of the milk industry in India to the miracle rice perfected at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines; from the reform of China's agricultural policies to eliminating the cattle plague rinderpest; from the United Nations delivering emergency food shipments around the globe to eradicating the deadly screwworm infestation in the United States; and from expanding modern irrigation in Israel, Jordan, and the Middle East to discovering and unlocking the incredible potential of agricultural biotechnology.
The detection of antibodies against peste des petits ruminants virus in cattle, sheep and goats and the possible implications to rinderpest control programmes.
A textbook example is a viral disease called rinderpest.
From there he became involved in a large-scale vaccination programmes against rinderpest, a serious disease of cattle.
Third, diseases especially foot and mouth, rinderpest and anthrax are a huge scare.
So, this neglect has been going on for over 38 years, while at the other hand, the outbreak of the Rinderpest disease in 1983, which led to the death of over 60 million cows in the North, grossly affected the fortunes of the herdsmen.
To date, the world has eradicated one human disease, smallpox, and one animal disease, rinderpest.
Added to this turmoil was the outbreak of rinderpest in 1890-92.
This was also the position of Canada's secret BW Committee, which after a series of field trials was convinced that these balloons could effectively disseminate anthrax, plague, rinderpest, typhus, typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese B.
Besides food and finance there are cases like scientific experiments, control and prevention of contagious diseases like anthrax, TB, foot and mouth disease, brucellosis, rinderpest etc.
Each of its four chapters, namely chapters 5 to 8 ('Vegetables, Fruit, and Other Garden Produce,' 'Fishing and Aquaculture,'' 'Generations of Hustlers': Fowl and Swine in Manila,' and 'Beef, Cattle Husbandry, and Rinderpest'), analyzes the significance of a specific type of ulam and the social networks that facilitate their production and consumption.