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Synonyms for rim

Synonyms for rim

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

to put or form a border on

Synonyms for rim

the shape of a raised edge of a more or less circular object

(basketball) the hoop from which the net is suspended

the outer part of a wheel to which the tire is attached

a projection used for strength or for attaching to another object


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the top edge of a vessel or other container

run around the rim of

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furnish with a rim

roll around the rim of

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On Monday, April 16, RIMS is hosting a session titled "Diversity and Inclusion: The Risks and Opportunities." Attendees will learn how to leverage diversity efforts to help reduce risks of employment liability, as well as how to understand that diversity and inclusion issues are not always observable.
At the occasion, a detailed presentation on web-based RIMS was given to the business community.
It was agreed Naeem Siddiqui, Chairman, Mian Muhammad Ramzan Member ICCI Tax Sub-Committee and some representatives of restaurants association would work with RTO for gradual implementation of RIMS on local restaurants.
For more information or to schedule meeting during the Florida RIMS Conference, contact Vicky Ng at vicky.ng@exigis.com or (646) 762-1526.
RIMS presented the 2016 Risk Manager of the Year Award to Gus Fuldner, head of insurance at Uber Technologies Inc.
"RIMS had hoped that in the absence of a contingent commission ban, brokers would be required to provide full compensation disclosure, allowing the consumer to decide whether the broker is acting in their best interest," added Clark.
These nearly twin craters are each about 65 km in diameter, though Steinheil cuts the rim of Watt.
You've got 12 more bolts on the 24-bolt rim assembly to remove or install.
RIMS ever told risk managers to demand transparency or fire that broker ...
In the private sector, analysts, policymakers, and consultants use RIMS II to estimate the regional impacts of a variety of projects, such as the development of shopping malls and sports stadiums.
Sugar and kosher salt are classic rims, but altering the grind--coarse or fine--and variety can yield interesting new sensations.
* The tool on page 106 is a rim spreader used to spread wheel rims on 1930 cars.
RIMS members can access the wizard for free from the RIMS Web site at www.RIMS.org/QIP.
Smith Dairy Products Company reports that it has addressed the safety concerns of its foodservice customers with the rollout of revamped three-gallon ice cream containers with plastic rims replacing the traditional metal rims.
Says Murphy: "If you go through our product line, from rims, to backboards, to backboard padding, you're going to find that we have the competition level products but we also go up to the high end as well."