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lacking a rim or frame


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As a belted case is fired, the shoulder (datum line) would actually serve as a secondary cartridge stop just as the rimless case shoulder does.
The Model 1903 Springfield fired a .30-caliber rimless cartridge that headspaced on the shoulder, like the 8x57 Mauser.
Raffia straw trilby pounds 15, Hawaiian print flip flops pounds 10, double brow rimless sunglasses pounds 15, belt from a selection starting from pounds 12.
``A lot of people want to buy rimless but they are put off looking at all the bolts.
LIGHT Rimless frames: Less is definitely more and very now.
Rimless and semi-rimless designs are trending up, while rectangular-shape frames with soft edges are also popular.
The hot design style for sun glasses and readingglasses is rimless, say industry experts.
1891 Mauser's cartridge had a rimless, bottlenecked case 53mm in length topped with a 211-grain round-nosed, FMJ bullet which was propelled to 2130 fps.
In 1907 John Rigby introduced the .275 Rimless, a 7x57 clone.
CHUNKY plastic, chic metal or rimless?Jackie O style that covers your face or a smaller design that shows off your eyes?
MATRIX star Keanu Reeves has done for futuristic rimless sunglasses what Tom Cruise did for Raybans in hit 80s movie Top Gun.
RIMLESS Left to right: Grey, pounds 120, Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear; pink, pounds 30, Jasper Conran at Debenhams; brown, pounds 60, Miss Sixty Glasses
Shady ladies can go undercover in stylish rimless sunglasses in a range of pinks, blues and browns from River Island, from pounds 12.99.
These large rimless shades have metal or plastic frames with lenses in bold turquoise, vivid pink or citrus lime.