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Synonyms for rime

ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside)

Related Words

be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable

compose rhymes

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However, it seems probable that this finding is related to the greater salience of final syllables and rimes in final stress disyllables.
The rime -[??]mp, in my judgment, displays considerable coherence; it ranks fourth in the list of 62 coherent vigesimal rimes.
In 1996, when she was just 13, LeAnn Rimes became a massive star in America.
(See page 43.) When informed that I was working on a story about Joe Cannon, the respective receptionists at RIMES and the community college, each commented, "Joe's a great guy." Those were also the exact words that Sepe used at one point during his interview.
Her suit, filed along with her mother Belinda Rimes, alleges: 'In anticipation of releasing Blue, Wilbur sent LeAnn on a gruelling 30-month concert tour of nearly 500 shows.'
For Rimes, she wanted her own kid with Eddie because she believes this can save their marriage.
AMERICAN country pop singer LeAnn Rimes continues to delight audiences after trailblazing a musical career that began at the tender age of 13.
Washington, July 3 ( ANI ): LeAnn Rimes has revealed the extreme extent to which she was bullied during childhood.
SINGER LeAnn Rimes wouldn't encourage her children into showbusiness.
COUNTRY singer LeAnn Rimes is considering writing a tell-all book about romance, marriage and divorce.
WEBSTER - There was one thing hotter than the scorching heat at the Indian Ranch yesterday and that was LeAnn Rimes.
How are the typically underfinanced historically Black colleges and universities, which award nearly one-third of all baccalaureate degrees to African-Americans, faring in these rimes? Better than expected, in some cases.
The division between onsets and rimes in English syllables.
Enter the dark rimes? No; it was just simple evolution.