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the former capital and 2nd largest city of Brazil

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El IX Seminario Internacional de la Red Iberoamericana de Investigadores sobre Globalizacion y Territorio (RII), realizado en Bahia Blanca entre el 16 y 19 de mayo del corriente ano, fue organizado por los Departamentos de Economia y Geografia y Turismo de la Universidad Nacional del Sur (1), y conto con la participacion de unos 150 investigadores y 50 estudiantes de postgrado procedentes de Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Espana, Francia, Mexico, Uruguay y Venezuela.
* peak RII can cause dry weather wastewater flows to increase by 3.5 to 20 times;
Based on the calculation of the average RII (Table 13), the highest rank of the variable is B2 (material delivery delay) in Period I, variable B1 (material price increase) in Period II, and variable B2 (material delivery delay) in Period III.
Even outside the core or buffer zone, if there is a high-rise building, that also ruins the landscape, Rii said, emphasizing the importance of the Rice Terraces as the first cultural landscape inscribed onto the World Heritage list.
The overall RII indicated that the risk of stillbirth for the least-educated mothers was twice that of the most-educated mothers (adjusted RII 2.0, 95% CI 1.8-2.2) (Table 2).
"The Court of Appeals, in issuing the TRO, did not expressly, or even impliedly, affirm or confirm any purported ownership of RII Builders, Inc.
El IX Seminario Internacional de la RII se encuadra en los lineamientos generales de los ocho eventos internacionales anteriores.
ssDNA including the [(A).sub.10] repetitive sequence of TGF-[beta] RII was amplified by a modified asymmetric PCR technique under optimal conditions with specific primers (Fig.
El antecedente de esta reunion se remonta a un breve acercamiento entre directores y editores de revistas que tuvo lugar en 1999 durante el v Seminario de la RII, en Toluca, Mexico.
(HCPTI) at Manila South Harbor, an incident authorities believe to be related to the fatherandson feud between businessman Reghis Romero II of RII Builders and HCPTI chief executive officer Michael Romero.