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Synonyms for rigidness

Synonyms for rigidness

the physical property of being stiff and resisting bending

the quality of being rigid and rigorously severe

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The tape features a soft feel on a durable tape, eliminating the rigidness commonly found in industry tapes and ropes.
However, the contradiction is that a relationship which is considered as moral becomes immoral because of the interference of cultural or religious rigidness of our society or the anti-social behavior of a person.
Besides, a face has different rigidness in different areas.
Though the rigidness of the bureaucratic organization was its advantage, that same rigidness also is the reason for its downfall.
Surprisingly, this battery is still widely used today on automobiles because of its power, rigidness, and reliability.
Such a fixated portrait of each scene highlights the unchanging rigidness of the doctrine contained within the film itself.
The plus side to this fabric is the rigidness of it - it will skim over any wobbly bits.
Dilla is a thick fiber of heteromorphic section with 16 dtex, and the nonwovens offer superior breath-ability and rigidness, while heat resistance and intensity are high.
p py separa rigidn I didn't believe in the Brit is best philosophy at the time, especially after the two separate pieces of the Metro with the rigidness of a pantomime horse decided to go their separate ways on a dual carriageway in 1988.
I am well aware of the rigidness of these relations, thanks to the many diplomatic visits I have made to serve this end," the Egyptian diplomat said, adding that it is very essential for his country to maintain such robust relations.
And, more important, the rigidness of the Army bureaucracy.
If Europe is to remain an environmental leader, as well as a center of innovation and competitiveness, it will have to abandon its ideological rigidness and embrace realistic, pragmatic solutions that can deliver environmental benefits without sacrificing economic development.
These two definitions seem to contradict each other where the former is begging for rigidness and rules and the latter seems a bit more flexible.
Although polypropylene gives the appearance of a "no-label look," with its excellent clarity, the material's rigidness can cause wrinkling once applied to uneven surfaces, so O-I Peldar dismissed this film as a solution.
However, as their movements were less variable in mean and range values, one of the negative interpretations of this result can be related to rigidness of movements.