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Synonyms for rigidifying

the process of becoming stiff or rigid

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The treatment of skin by microwave reduced the rigidifying opportunity of pectin gel which was brought about by oleic acid.
Triggered by the arrival of waves of immigrants on Italian soil--many of them coming from former European colonies, Italian and non, in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America--this fermentation of national myths of spacial, cultural, and ethnic belonging has gone hand in hand with a rigidifying of juridical borders and frontiers regulating and redrawing the boundaries between the inside and the outside, the native and the foreign body, the self and the Other.
Rather, he seeks to prevent this specificity from rigidifying into a world-creatively obstructive set of forces, composed of individualism, localism, nationalism or, indeed, their equally detrimental counterpart of an inert, featureless universalism.
I, however, as a lesbian female regard my sexuality as properly vital: not subjected to rigidifying norms of biological reproduction I am capable of creating myself in ways far more imaginative and varied than any social norm might dictate.
1) Rheingold holds that "fragmentation, hierarchization, rigidifying social boundaries, and single-niche colonies of people" who share intolerances could become prevalent in the future.
But in Persian and Turkic Central Asia, as in the Arab heartland and in Persia proper, the demands of a steadily rigidifying Muslim orthodoxy gradually narrowed the sphere in which free thought and humanism could be exercised.
Without NIRA-style interventions rigidifying the economy, Cole and Ohanian believe, the Depression would have been a recession ending in 1936, rather than a prolonged slump that technically ended only in 1943.
By introducing a third rigidifying phase of matrix immobilized on the surface of filler particles, Chabert et al.
Roy's interest rests in laying bare the discourse and questions its very possibility in order to open a moment when it will be possible to look away from a rigidifying language.
As they noted, later Dutch colonial rule had the paradoxical effect of rigidifying Malay/Dayak ethnic distinctions, which, in earlier times, had been far more permeable, enhancing in the process the authority of Malay elites, while disempowering local Dayak populations.
By the mid 1990s, a term used widely by theorists was the word "dominant," usually preceding nouns such as "culture," "order," or "group" and indicating a rigidifying of political outlook.