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the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's right

the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is expected to field balls in the right third of the outfield (looking from home plate)

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Within the year, Rightfield Solutions plans to have Emmi presentations available for more than 100 procedures.
The left hand is usually used to position the bat for the placement of the ball - down the left-field baseline, rightfield baseline, or up the middle, depending upon the situation and defensive positioning.
By providing some standardized patient education, many of these tragedies could be prevented," says Jordan Dolin, President and CEO of Rightfield Solutions, one of the program sponsors and the creator of Emmi(TM), an innovative web-based, interactive tool that informs patients about medical conditions and surgical procedures.
After team workouts end this week, players will continue with voluntary individuals sessions, often in the newly weatherproofed player development area located beyond the rightfield fence.
The soon to be 35 year old designated hitter has spent the last six seasons crushing American League pitching at the heart of the Angels lineup, mostly playing rightfield until the last two seasons, when injury shifted him to DH.
JORDAN DOLIN, CEO of RIGHTFIELD SOLUTIONS, developer of a Web-based patient education tool, says getting "real" and getting breast implants may not seem to go together, but they do.
The pros usually do all the left-fielders at once; that is, two throws to second and then two home; then move on to centerfield, and then rightfield with these fielders making their throws to third, not to second - any fielder should be able to throw from center or right field to second.
Developed by Chicago-based Rightfield Solutions, LLC, Emmi is a proactive patient education and risk-management tool that combines clinical and legal best practices into a web-based, interactive strategy for healthcare providers and their patients.
He had a lead to work with as Garlick tripled into the rightfield corner to drive in two runs in the first inning, and then led off Oregon's three-run fourth inning with his fifth homer of the season.
What he likely won't forget, though, is the home run he hit in the bottom of the third inning, a lefty-against-lefty shot into the rightfield bullpen off Colorado's Franklin Morales.
In an effort to help health care providers lower the incidence and severity of malpractice claims, Aon has partnered with Rightfield Solutions, LLC, to offer Emmi(TM), a cutting-edge patient education and communication system.
Helping to ease parents' fears and combat misperceptions, Rightfield Solutions is offering web-based medical information on the realities, risks and benefits of two common childhood medical procedures.
Canha, the Pac-10 leader in RBIs, drove in Cal's first five runs, with a sacrifice fly out in foul territory down the rightfield line in the first inning and his bases-loaded blast into the Oregon bullpen in the third inning.