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Synonyms for right-hand

located on or directed toward the right

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intended for the right hand


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most helpful and reliable

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That is why we talk about prohibition of right-hand drive cars now," he explained.
I read a comment in the July issue and wanted to comment on the reason for the right-hand twist of rifling.
It was my own grandmother who, patiently taught me, so I now find it easy to knit, starting with the stitches on the right-hand needle and knit on the left.
Play the actual melody as I sing the right-hand melodic structure"; alternatively, or in addition, the student can sing the melodic structure as he plays.
The Americans call it self-gifting and not surprisingly the term right-hand rings also originated Stateside.
Right-hand plows didn't come out until the tractor plow.
Currently, VC922 TiA1N coating is available on UN-60 degree right-hand internal and external threading insert styles, ISO-60 degree right-hand external threading insert styles, and partial profiles-60 degree right-hand external and internal insert styles.
Right-hand drive vehicles can't be sold to the Customs Union countries.
Cadillac, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), is planning to develop a right-hand driver version of its CTS-V for the United Kingdom market.
During right-hand testing, Savage displayed much the same left-brain activation that the other men did.
Left-hand plows have been used to the exclusion of right-hand plows in the states of Indiana and Ohio, with some overlapping into eastern Indiana and western Pennsylvania.