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We take our commitment to the safety of North Atlantic right whales very seriously", says Mark Sherman, Chief Operating Officer of Irving Oil.
Densities of Pacific white-sided, northern right whale, and Risso's dolphins were greatest during the winter--spring period in shallow water, and Dali's porpoises were most abundant during the winter-spring seasonal period in deep water; these species were least abundant during the summer-fall period.
THE NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE (Eubalaena glacialis) is one of the rarest large whales in the world.
Currently, only an estimated 400 North Atlantic right whales are alive.
Commuters in Sydney were treated to a rare sight on Tuesday morning as a Southern Right Whale and its calf were spotted swimming together near the city's harbour.
Atlantic coast have been reminded to slow for Right Whales, an endangered species whose global population is estimated in the hundreds.
Whale-watching boats ferry thousands of tourists to see humpback and rare North Atlantic right whales visiting their favorite feeding grounds.
In 2006, NMFS designated critical habitat for the North Pacific right whale in the southeastern Bering Sea and in the Gulf of Alaska southeast of Kodiak Island (NMFS, 2006; Fig.
DREAMS COME TRUE: Intrepid Sam Wigfield, of Holmfirth, appears on a BBCwildlife show - and one of the spectacular creatures he helped to film was a south right whale, top (
Randall Reeves, an expert on whales for IUCN, said, ''Humpbacks and southern right whales are making a comeback in much of their range mainly because they have been protected from commercial hunting.
Only 350 to 400 of them are left, and the right whale has been migrating, way before we came here, to the one part of the United States where the Navy's efforts are an integral part of their survival.
Species such as the great white shark, seabirds, southern right whale, seahorses, limpets, and sea turtles are described, supplemented by maps and color photos of the area and close-up shots of wildlife.
For 70 years, laws have banned killing of the North Atlantic right whale, yet the population isn't increasing, unlike that of a sister species, the South Atlantic right whale.
At first glance, it is hard to identify the dead 40-ton animal: a North Atlantic right whale.
In 1980, the Aquarium initiated the North Atlantic Right Whale Research Project, cataloguing more than 200,000 photographs and tens of thousands of sightings of right whales since 1935.
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