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a legal right guaranteed by the 15th amendment to the US Constitution

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Minister for Parliamentary Business Graeme Dey said:"Scotland has already led the way by lowering the voting age to 16, and we are building on this progress by extending the right to vote to everyone legally resident here.
She exercised her right to vote in the 135th section in the district town.
"Hope everyone exercised their right to vote and votes wisely today.
'I said 'gusto ko ako yung unang bibigyan ng balota.' (I want to be the first to be given a ballot.) Rodriguez, who recently announced her second pregnancy, also told her fans to 'please exercise your right to vote and vote wisely.'
Blacks, women, the poor, and the young have all been denied the right to vote at one point or another.
He said that the verdict of giving right to vote to the expats must be declared null and void.
Akbar Khan, a 56-year-old social activist, told Dawn here that it was not for the first time in the history of Dir that women exercised their right to vote. He said that women had participated in 1970 and 1977 general elections.
The top judge also congratulated the overseas Pakistanis, saying their right to vote has been accepted.
BDI calls on you to apply for executing your right to vote on the internet page of State Election Commission by 23rd of August.
Polling for the historical 2018 general elections is underway across the country on Wednesday during which the voters will exercise their right to vote to elect 270 members of the National Assembly and a total of 570 members of four provincial assemblies for the next five-year term (2018-2023).
However, the real question that arises is if the two persons really should have the right to vote, having done all the wrong that they could do when they were in power.
"Pakistanis abroad will have to come to the country for using their right to vote in the general election."
Pakistanis abroad will have to come to the country for using their right to vote in the general elections." They further clarified that even after coming to the country, only those individuals would be able to vote, who are registered voters in Pakistan.
576 poling stations which include 137 male, 130 female and 309 combined poling stations have been established where 335072 male and 303065 female voters would exercise their right to vote.