right to liberty

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the right to be free

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New Delhi [India], August 24 ( ANI ): The Centre on Thursday welcomed the Supreme Court's verdict on the Right to Privacy asserting that its a part of the Right to Liberty, but is also "subject to reasonable restrictions.
We adhere to the rules of law, thus the six detained employees believe that they have the right to avail for anything that will secure their right to liberty, hence availing the right to bail,' he said.
They have hoped to make sense of some general right to liberty in a way that avoids both the Burkean reductio to anarchism and the skeptical flight to liberties (discrete rights).
The derived right to liberty derives its name from the fact that it is not basic.
33) The derived right to liberty then becomes the right to have criminal legislation aim only at the punishment or prevention of moral wrongdoing, not other goods.
The derived right to liberty thus provides no amoral, neutral basis for objecting to the criminalization of homosexuality, abortion, assisted suicide, and so on.
I call this second right the basic right to liberty because it is not merely the correlative of some more basic legislative duty.
This more ambitious version of a general right to liberty runs head-on into the Burkean objection that such a general right is equivalent to anarchy.
That is, one might, from the foregoing discussion, rightly conclude that (1) all acts are presumptively protected from legal coercion by the six values behind the presumption of liberty; (2) not just any good state of affairs can justify the overcoming of this presumption--only the punishment or prevention of moral wrongdoing is eligible to justify the use of criminal sanctions; and therefore, (3) the basic right to liberty protects those acts insufficiently wrong that the goodness of their punishment or prevention is outweighed by the strength of the six values behind the presumption in favor of liberty.
It includes such protections as the right to freedom from torture and unreasonable searches, the right to liberty, education, fair trial, and freedom of expression.
In a recent New York Review of Books (February 20) Gordon Wood reminds us that it is not Jefferson's feet of clay, the feet of an eighteenth-century slaveholder still partially set in the beliefs of his age, that matter; rather, it is his "transcendent statements" we need to honor, statements in which the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem to be extended to all.
Besides, ABC paid Lee Iacocca's Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation $10 million for the right to Liberty and the pursuit of ratings.
The men's lawyer Natalia Garcia said: "It is heartening that the courts will still act as a check against the Government when it seeks to ride roughshod over basic human rights and liberties such as the fundamental right to liberty.
Eric Metcalfe, of Justice, said: "The legislation breaches two of the most basic rights in UK law - the right to liberty and the right to a fair hearing.
He was also concerned Arizona's bail regime would amount to an infringement of his constitutional right to liberty under Irish law.