right to an attorney

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a civil right guaranteed by the 6th amendment to the US Constitution

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The second action came as a suggestion from the Legal Needs of Children Committee that the board adopt the committee's position holding that children in the delinquency system should not be able to waive their right to an attorney unless they had a meaningful opportunity to consult with a lawyer on the waiver.
The Fifth Amendment prohibits the government from compelling testimony that could be self-incriminating, and the Miranda decision gives felony suspects the right to an attorney.
The friction was palpable later in the day when David Scott Lay, an inmate already serving time in the Snake River Correctional Institution in Eastern Oregon, told Circuit Judge Eveleen Henry that he wanted to waive his right to an attorney and plead guilty to theft charges.
Buyer, who served as counsel to the Western Enemy Prisoner of War camp during the Gulf War, said, "The accused will be afforded similar due process that was given to World War II saboteurs--such as a right to an attorney and the right to view evidence against them.
whether the defendant understood he had a right to an attorney (Miranda right); and
You have the right to an attorney,'' the detective usually drones.
He is the author of three books: "Gideon's Trumpet," published in 1964, about a landmark Supreme Court case giving impoverished criminal defendants the right to an attorney, "Portrait of a Decade," about the great changes in American race relations, and "Make No Law," published in 1991 by Random House, about The New York Times v.
Referring to reports about the arrest and trial of another Iranian national in Bahrain in the past, Amir Abdollahian said Tehran immediately asked Manama to arrange a meeting with the detainee and allow him the right to an attorney.
The report said officials didn't advise some post-September 11 detainees of their right to an attorney during initial questioning by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
10) On the other hand, if a suspect asserts the right to an attorney, questioning must cease and may only be recommenced if the defendant reinitiates communication with the officer.