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Synonyms for right of way

the act, condition, or right of preceding

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the privilege of someone to pass over land belonging to someone else

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the right of one vehicle or vessel to take precedence over another

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the passage consisting of a path or strip of land over which someone has the legal right to pass

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The gathering line right of ways also create pathways that allow invasive species to access inner parts of the forest.
Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (DOT PHMSA) on the approval of R&D funding to support PRCI's research effort on the Right of Way Automated Monitoring (RAM) Program.
There are exemptions for signs in city right of ways, he said.
In advance of the new tap facility, Admiral Bay is completing right of ways and beginning construction of connecting pipelines to existing and newly permitted wells along the proposed pipeline.
Use this cutter when clearing pipeline and utility line right of ways.
Congestion of underground right of ways brings increases in the inherent dangers associated with cutting lines .
It would be privately financed, but would use public right of ways,'' said Palmdale Councilman David Myers, a member of the SCAG regional council.
LAS VEGAS -- Aberdene Mines Limited (the 'Company' or 'Aberdene') (OTCBB:ABRM) is pleased to announce that it has recently increased the size of the New York Canyon property by staking an additional 550 mineral claims to cover mineral prospects, possible leach pad areas, access routes and power line right of ways.
Tenders are invited for trim and remove trees within street corridor right of ways.
have not responded to Calleguas' request for right of ways.
CCP acquired surface rights for the gas compressors and processing equipment as well as the right of ways for the many miles of gathering pipeline that will ultimately connect each of Petrol's wells to the ENB Interstate Pipeline.