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Synonyms for rigger

someone who rigs ships

a long slender pointed sable brush used by artists

someone who works on an oil rig


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a sailing vessel with a specified rig

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Caption: Petty Officer 1st class Thiwa Thipkhosithkun talks with retired rigger Bob Boles, the oldest member of the parachute riggers community, via video teleconference as part of the rate's 75th anniversary celebrations.
Sulzer Chemtech UK Tower Field Service Division has just taken on a group of trainee riggers who have completed their QCF level 2 rigging reskills program with leading local training provider Teesside Rigging & Lifting.
In "Outdoor Roof Structures," Keith Bohn entertainingly explains in plain English for both the general reader and entertainment rigger the practical requirements and implications of ANSI E1.
His brother Brian also worked as a rigger at Shotton and remembers Thomas being called in to help out with tough jobs on the oven tops, and that he would often be the first man on and the last one off when the job was finished.
When we conduct an operation together, it isn't about being an Army Soldier or being a Marine; it's about being a rigger," said Army Specialist Kyle McNary.
Rapetti was the licensed tower crane rigger responsible for erecting a tower crane at the site.
In biplane days, a fitter or a rigger assigned to a two seater not only acted as the gunner, but in colonial theaters lashed his toolbox to the wing next to the fuselage in case of a forced landing.
Commonly called the "Singing Rigger," Clarke always hummed when checking your chute lower rope, weapons, snowshoes, etc.
A spokesman of the agriculture department said here Wednesday that potato planter with fertilizer and pesticide attachment, potato diggers conveyor type, vegetable rigger, spade cultivator, sugarcane planter, sugarcane rigger with fertilizer attachment, maize Sheller, and fodder cutters would be provided to the farmers of Faisalabad, Jhang and Okara.
Sergeant John Mebine, a squad leader and rigger with 11th Quartermaster Company, ties a static line to a parachute.
00pm) Wayne's best rigger, Junior, lets him down when he fails to show up for work, and Justin, the Big Dog rig's boss, sends his 'worm' on a trip up the derrick to do a spot of cleaning.
But one rigger said: "We were told it wouldn't be possible.
He elbowed his fellow rigger out of the way and snarled, "Spread out
Army tapes, subdued-olive-green shoulder-sleeve insignias and the black rigger belt and web belt with open-faced black buckle will also become obsolete on April 30.
Each is marvelously intriguing, ranging from a lady rigger of the Royal Flying Corps writing at age 100 about how she entered her job in 1918 and served as a rigger for five years, to air chief marshals describing air operations on the Northwest Frontier of India, to Norway, to the Suez debacle of 1956.