rig up

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erect or construct, especially as a temporary measure

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According to Otto Jaschke, Expro's product line manager for North America, with these units performing well testing, "The rig up and rig down time is reduced radically, because all the different components that are required to perform a flowback or a well test, with the exception of just one or two things, are all inside that unit.
The mobile unit is a single trailer with a high pressure manifold, separator, data acquisition lab and utilities onboard, and is accompanied by a small pipe-work trailer that allows for an efficient rig up by minimizing the movement of large equipment and post rig up instrumentation checks.
Despite this limitation, they are more than ideal for certain scenarios: for companies that have "repetitive work," that is, multiple wells to test that would require several rig ups and rig downs; and in situations where the client wants or needs to have a smaller footprint at their site, such as the Oooguruk Drill Site.