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Synonyms for rifling

the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearm


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Beyond him again, Duncan could look into the vault opposite, which was filled with savages, upturning and rifling the humble furniture of the scout.
On their way back they met Fitzpatrick returning to his camp; and finished their exploit by rifling and nearly stripping him.
Meantime, Fanny had possessed herself of my work-bag, and was rifling its contents--and spitting into it besides.
If the Bow Street runners had come into the plantation just as I had completed the rifling of the desk I think I should have let them take me without making the slightest effort at escape.
The game was plenty as heart could wish; and there was none to meddle with the ground unless there might have been a hunting party of the Delawares crossing the hills, or, maybe, a rifling scout of them thieves, the Iroquois.