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Synonyms for rifling

the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearm


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Each stainless steel barrel is hand-lapped and features a 1 turn in 10 inch rifling twist.
(Lilja is one of the most popular.) A couple of my small-game rifles have match chambers, but be aware of the fact that with the bullet of a chambered round wedged tightly into the rifling, the extractor of a rifle may slip over the rim of a chambered round should unloading become necessary when crossing a fence or for other reasons of safety.
The fluted barrel is a match grade barrel 5R rifling and sports a threaded muzzle with a tank-style two-port muzzle brake.
In 1895, when smokeless powder was adopted and the rifling and sights were changed, the name of the rifle was changed to the .303 calibre, Rifle, Magazine, Lee-Enfield, or more commonly, the Magazine Lee-Enfield.
In addition to the effects of corrosive ammo, many of the older and especially less expensive .22 rifles were not necessarily made with the most expensive or best quality steels nor was the rifling especially deep.
Remember, Hastings Paradox slug barrels are truly rifled -- unlike the English version which featured rifling only several inches from the muzzle.
I believe it has Ballard rifling. It has never shot very well.
The distance between the bullet's bearing surface and the rifling is one of the biggest contributing factors to how accurate that load will be.
One gunsmith thought a barrel with a slower rifling twist would be just the thing for a custom 7x57.
The rifle features a ported 18 1/2-inch barrel with Ballard-type cut rifling; it comes with iron sights; and the solid-top receiver is tapped for scope mounts or a receiver sight.
What is your take on OSR or over-stressed rifling? I've heard horror stories but no physical evidence or proof.