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someone skilled in the use of a rifle

a soldier whose weapon is a rifle

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Thales has leveraged over two decades of handheld radio design experience to develop the VIPER and Rifleman Radio solutions.
But there's still more to being a rifleman, at least in America, than all that.
L Cpl Michael David Pritchard, 22; L Cpl Christopher Roney, 23; L Cpl Tommy Brown, 25; Rifleman Aidan Howell, 19; Sapper David Watson, 23; Pte Robert Hayes, 19; Capt Daniel Read, 31; Cpl Lee Brownson, 30; Rifleman Luke Farmer, 19; Rifleman Peter Aldridge, 19; L Cpl Daniel Cooper, 21; Cpl Liam Riley, 21; L Cpl Graham Shaw, 27; Cpl John Moore, 22; Pte Sean McDonald, 26; WO2 David Markland, 36; L Cpl Darren Hicks, 29; L Sgt Dave Greenhalgh, 25; Rifleman Mark Marshall, 29; Kingsman Sean Dawson, 19; Sapper Guy Mellors, 20; Lt Douglas Dalzell, 27; L Sgt David Walker, 36; Snr Aircraftman Luke Southgate, 20; Rifleman Martin Kinggett, 19; Sgt Paul Maurice Fox, 34; Rifleman Carlo Apolis, 28; Cpl Richard Green, 23; Rifleman Jonathon Allott, 19; Rifleman Liam Maughan, 18.
Rifleman Matthew Wilson won the Military Cross for running to protect a wounded comrade in a deadly game of cat and mouse in which he was shot in the head in Afghanistan
Senior officers have described how Rifleman Limbu endured "unimaginable pain and suffering" but maintained his strength and dignity.
The operational assessment marked the first formal combat use of the single-channel, software-defined Rifleman Radio, which uses Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW), a high bandwidth waveform which draws upon a larger part of the available spectrum compared to legacy radios to share information and "network" forces.
FINAL JOURNEY: The coffin of Rifleman Sheldon Steel, pictured inset, is carried out of St Peter''s Church, Bramley, followed by family members and friends
In hot seat: Rifleman Michael Swain prepares to set off on the charity ride.
There were delays in evacuating Rifleman Apolis because Chinook and US Apache helicopters had difficulty landing due to sustained gun, rocket propelled grenade and grenade attacks.
As colleagues from A Company 4 Rifles dealt with another Rifleman who had been shot seconds earlier, the soldier was felled by a burst of machine gun fire to his chest.
Rifleman Jonathon Allott was receiving orders to withdraw from a dangerous Afghan alley when he was caught in the blast of an improvised explosive device (IED), near Sangin, Helmand province.
Summary: A British soldier from 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment has been named by the Ministry of Defence as Rifleman Remand Kulung.
Rifleman Jonathon Allott, of 3rd Battalion The Rifles, was described as an "inspirational" soldier and "a hero" in tributes from family and colleagues.
Corporal Lee Brownson died along with Rifleman Luke Farmer while on patrol in southern Sangin on Friday.
From left, Sharon Backhouse, mother of Rifleman James Backhouse from Castleford, Yorkshire; Carol Brackpool, mother of Pte John Brackpool from West Sussex; Lucy Aldridge, mother of Rifleman William Aldridge from Herefordshire; Denise Harris, mother of Cpl Lee Scott from Somerset; Jillian Murphy, mother of Rifleman Joseph Murphy from Birmingham; Jane Whitehouse, mother of Cpl Jonathan Horne from Walsall and Deborah Simpson, mother of Daniel Simpson from Croydon