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of a firearm

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Conversely, the Confederacy favored the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifled musket for its sharpshooters.
With the shortcomings of the Model 1867 Carbine in mind, and to equip their Marines who were still armed with rifled muskets, after trials in 1869 the Navy ordered 10,000 improved Rolling Block rifles known as the Model 1870 which were manufactured at Springfield Arsenal instead of by Remington.
A number of barreling combinations can be found in the originals--both barrels rifled, both barrels smooth, one barrel rifled, the other smooth.
For this reason fish and wildlife agencies in densely populated states are turning more and more to the shotgun loaded with buckshot or rifled slugs as opposed to the rifle purely as a safety factor for big-game hunting.
Long-range shooting enjoyed a tremendous boost during the Industrial Revolution when the means to mass produce consistently-made rifled firearms became reality.
the invention of the rifled barrel ranks as one of the world's greatest inventions.
When the subject of recoil is broached, several variables must be taken into consideration: weight of the rifle, weight of the projectile, if the barrel is rifled or a smooth bore for ball, type of powder used, bore and bullet diameter, weight of powder charge, and the approximate year the rifle in question was manufactured.
Even since the introduction of rifled firearms, no other type of infantryman has earned: the reputation--or should we say aura--as the sniper.