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velvety black Australian bird of paradise with green and purple iridescence on head and tail

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I knew they had stuffed falcons--and sure enough, they had a stuffed Riflebird too.
I eventually discovered that Taronga Park Zoo had a real live Riflebird tucked away among cages I hadn't been to for a while.
But finally I had just the steamy, subtropical atmosphere I wanted--the kind a Riflebird might survive in.
I knew there was a night watchman who patrolled every two hours, so I waited by the cages where the Riflebird was kept until he'd passed by on his round, then set to work.
I found the Riflebird without too much trouble in a hospital section in one of the sheds, where it was probably meant to recover from the trauma caused by my attack.
It all worked beautifully, though at first the Riflebird wouldn't eat.
One afternoon about two weeks after I'd brought the Riflebird home, he flew into the yard next door, where Mrs Bane lived--a cranky old lady who didn't like us.
When they searched through the cages and found the Paradise Riflebird, they rang the police, who also turned up to investigate.
I told them I wanted to make a full confession--and did, too: I gave them all the details, as one of them typed it up, about how I stole the Riflebird, as well as all the others, and spilled the beans on Rick.
Phylogeny and biogeography of the Ptiloris riflebirds (Ayes: Paradisaeidae).