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velvety black Australian bird of paradise with green and purple iridescence on head and tail

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I knew they had stuffed falcons--and sure enough, they had a stuffed Riflebird too.
I eventually discovered that Taronga Park Zoo had a real live Riflebird tucked away among cages I hadn't been to for a while.
But finally I had just the steamy, subtropical atmosphere I wanted--the kind a Riflebird might survive in.
I already knew the zoo as well as my own back yard, but decided to take a closer look at the Riflebird's cage.
I knew there was a night watchman who patrolled every two hours, so I waited by the cages where the Riflebird was kept until he'd passed by on his round, then set to work.
I found the Riflebird without too much trouble in a hospital section in one of the sheds, where it was probably meant to recover from the trauma caused by my attack.
I didn't tell Ray or Rick about the Riflebird. Ray wasn't all that interested in birds, and Rick would have seen it in terms of its cash value, not as a creature you'd want to study.
The electric frypans were plugged into a long extension cord that ran from the Riflebird's cage inside my pigeon coop, down the side of the house, in through the factory door, to a socket in a no-longer-locked brick storeroom.
One afternoon about two weeks after I'd brought the Riflebird home, he flew into the yard next door, where Mrs Bane lived--a cranky old lady who didn't like us.
When they searched through the cages and found the Paradise Riflebird, they rang the police, who also turned up to investigate.