rifle shot

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the distance that a rifle bullet will carry


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They convinced shot makers to make the new air rifle shot that had no application for shotguns.
A GUNMAN armed with an old-model military rifle shot and killed three women and injured two men in a Swiss village, and was then arrested by officers who shot and injured him.
We will hear the report of rifle shot. We will wear orange
HEREFORD: 12.40 Long Wave, 1.10 Monarch's Way, 1.40 Ajman, 2.10 Anay Turge, 2.40 Noble Perk, 3.10 Prime Edition, 3.40 Rifle Shot.
CATTERICK 12.20 Ritsi 12.50 Blades Lad 1.20 Doberdan 1.50 Bogside 2.20 Doyly Carte 2.50 Amroth Bay 3.20 Maison De Ville KEMPTON 3.50 Cayuga 4.20 Bellitudo 4.50 Bull Bay 5.20 Avatar Star 5.50 Leelu 6.20 Herschel 6.50 See The Storm 7.20 Warbond HEREFORD 12.40 Long Wave 1.10 Monarch's Way 1.40 Ajman 2.10 Anay Turge 2.40 Noble Perk 3.10 Prime Edition 3.40 Rifle Shot LINGFIELD 12.00 Yarroom 12.30 Sonko 1.00 Dusty Red 1.30 Cathedral 2.00 Thereabouts 2.30 Ajeeb 3.00 Epic Storm 3.30 Murphy TOMORROW'S JUMPS MEETINGS ARE AT LEICESTER, MARKET RASEN AND WINCANTON.
This particular rifle shot fairly well, but it didn't produce the "bragging size" groups I was hoping for.
Do you know, we might not even have our country, today, were it not for one rifle shot?
A FARMER suffering from stress killed himself with a rifle shot to the head.
After a week or two he went back to the range and the rifle shot eight-inches high for the first two shots and then dropped back down to point of aim and grouping around three inches in size.
The system relies on the sound waves produced by a rifle shot. The blast from the muzzle radiates in all directions, while the bullet creates its own sonic boom as it flies faster than the speed of sound.
A GUNMAN whose sawn-off rifle shot a hero policeman has been jailed for five years.
A MANIAC with an air rifle shot a young boy in a sickening gun attack.
And a pest control officer armed with an air rifle shot the bird before it could do any more damage.
The reverberations of that rifle shot make up the plot of the novel and the members of his family and his associates at his workplace fill out the character list.