rifle grenade

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a grenade that is thrown from a launching device attached to the barrel of a rifle

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Seized from him were a hand grenade, rifle grenade, detonating devices and blasting caps.
However, the complaint filed by the Philippine Army showed Adib was arrested last January 22 at a military checkpoint in Basilan in possession of a hand grenade, rifle grenade, detonating devices and blasting caps.
According to reporter, SSP Pulwama Mohammed Aslam Chaudary told media in Srinagar that the rifle grenade was hurled at Indian army's 50 RR camp at Kakapora area of Pulwama district.
Caption: The sheet metal rifle grenade retainer known in some circles as the Kermit the Frog collar because of its similarity to that character's wardrobe.
By 1917 each company included 16 Grenadier teams trained in the use of the "VB" rifle grenade.
MILLS BOMB THE Mills bomb was developed into a rifle grenade by attaching a metallic rod to the base.
On Monday, a 40-mm rifle grenade exploded at the back of Jollibee restaurant on Sinsuat Avenue.
Militants first fired a rifle grenade outside the police station to attract the attention of personnel.
The postwar French army was a strong advocate of the rifle grenade, and in 1948 trials resulted in the adoption of the Fusil a Repetition de 7,5mm Modele 1936 LG48 (LG=lanceur de grenade--grenade launcher) and, three years later, the Fusil a Repetition de 7,5mm Modele 1936 LG51.
As well, we see the new basic pouch together with a grenade launching adapter for firing the effective but never issued No 85 anti-tank rifle grenade.
Our investigation showed that the improvised explosive is actually a hoax device composed of a rifle grenade and a 40 mm M203 grenade, wiring and a soda can with blue powder which was not really an explosive,'' Pacinos said.
Unidentified gunmen fired a rifle grenade at the main office of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp.
Just as the Marines expect to complete their evaluation by the end of 1990, the US Army is gearing up for a similar study (Advanced Rifle Grenade Munitions-ARGM) that is funded ($1.
This unique weapon system was especially adapted to fire door breaching rifle grenade, a grenade capable of effectively breaching doors of various types.