rifle grenade

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a grenade that is thrown from a launching device attached to the barrel of a rifle

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Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Oct 16 ( ANI ): Terrorists hurled a rifle grenade at the camp of the Central Reserve Police Force's (CRPF)183 battalion, injuring one personnel.
Caption: An American Marine on Peleliu firing a rifle grenade from his M1 rifle.
MILLS BOMB THE Mills bomb was developed into a rifle grenade by attaching a metallic rod to the base.
On Monday, a 40-mm rifle grenade exploded at the back of Jollibee restaurant on Sinsuat Avenue.
During the search, law enforcers found a .45 caliber pistol with bullets, a rifle grenade, and a sachet of suspected shabu, Layugan said.
Police recovered rifle grenade, a hand grenade, a .45 caliber pistol, short magazines, several live ammunitions and several sachets of suspected shabu.
The weapon recovered includes 195 rifle grenade, 98 40mm grenades, 90 Awan bomb, 11 RPG seven rockets, 170 detonators, 2 MP-5 rifles, and other weapons.
The attackers fired a rifle grenade at the camp of CRPF 180 battalion in Tral town this morning, a senior police official told media.
KARACHI -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the 10-year imprisonment awarded to a man for possessing rifle grenade, observing that possessing a grenade was a heinous crime.
'The hand grenade and rifle grenade recovered from the possession of respondent are 'explosives,' since they are capable of producing destructive effect on contiguous objects or causing injury or death to any person,' the DOJ said in an eight-page resolution signed by the investigating panel headed by Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Peter Ong.
An official said that militants fired a rifle grenade towards the 180 battalion CRPF camp at around 6.15 p.m.
However, authorities managed to earlier seized from their possession a homemade shotgun with magazine, two caliber .38 revolvers with five live ammunition, a 7.62 mm live ammunition, 18 ammunition for 7.62 mm, 20 empty shells for 7.62 mm, 192 empty shells for M16 Armalite rifle, five 5ml syringes, two knives and a rifle grenade, among other items.
Seized from Bangala were a homemade shotgun, two .38 caliber guns, several pieces of ammunition, a rifle grenade, bladed weapons, and herbal medicines for wounds.
Alfredo Rosario of the 602nd Infantry Brigade said an M16 rifle, two M653, an M1911, a hand grenade, a rifle grenade, sachets of shabu and drug paraphernalia were recovered from the fatalities.
Among the items recovered from his possession were sachets of shabu, rifle grenade, hand grenade, a .45 caliber gun, short magazines, and several live ammunitions.