rifle butt

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the butt end of a rifle

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Personally I like to have at least some contact between rifle butt and shoulder.
It'd be a total waste of effort to carry same iv a .30 cal rifle butt ...)
We present a patient with left hemiplegia secondary to Stanford type A aortic dissection extending to the supra-aortic vessels, which was precipitated by the recoil of a rifle butt.
The memorial depicts a First World War soldier standing with his rifle butt resting on the ground.
Within a month of becoming head of the British army, General Sir David Richards, is proving as much a pain in the rifle butt as his predecessor General Sir Richard Dannatt.
Freed prisoner Samir Kantar - jailed for beating a four-year-old to death with his rifle butt - returns to a hero's welcome in Lebanon
The collection of around 2,000 items, including medals, plaques and even a rifle butt made into a cribbage board, was begun in 1948 and added to over the years.
A solidier was beaten with a rifle butt, punched in the face then shot in the head and chest, an inquest heard yesterday.
Doubts were cast yesterday on the authenticity of the photos, published in the newspaper, which appeared to show the hooded man being struck with a rifle butt, urinated on and having a gun held to his head.
With both elbows rested solidly over your knees and the rifle butt firmly nestled into your shoulder, it is absolutely amazing how steady you can be.
Zumbado's soundman, still outside, was hit in the head with a rifle butt and fell to the ground bleeding.
Even when I was lucky enough to daydream--about my family or food or some other good thing--I was cut short by the periodic pounding of a rifle butt on my door.
He was cleared of charges that he hit and kicked the Serb men in their heads and genitals using his fists, boots, baton and rifle butt, put a pistol and knife to their throats, threatened them and forced them to eat paper.
Sweden, July 21 -- The Bodu Jana Permuna (BJP), the election wing of the Bodu Bala Sena has refused to give election ticket to Wijemuni Vijitha Rohana de Silva, who had hit Rajiv Gandhi with his rifle butt when the then Indian Prime Minister was reviewing a Guard of Honuor at Colombo on July 30, 1987, in the aftermath of signing the controversial India-Sri Lanka Accord.