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Synonyms for riffle

to mix together so as to change the order of arrangement

to look through reading matter casually

Synonyms for riffle

a small wave on the surface of a liquid

shuffling by splitting the pack and interweaving the two halves at their corners

twitch or flutter


Related Words

look through a book or other written material

Related Words

stir up (water) so as to form ripples

shuffle (playing cards) by separating the deck into two parts and riffling with the thumbs so the cards intermix

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Regardless of the cause, size-related habitat use occurs within riffles (at least for longnose dace), as well as between the pool and riffle habitats, as has been previously reported.
According to PHP spokesman, the officials also recovered stolen timber worth of Rs 2,95,000, 707 litres liquor,10,681 grams charas,3 kalashnikovs, 4 guns, 3 riffles, 25 magazines and 700 bullets from their possession.
He said police recovered 59 Kalashnikovs, six hand grenades, five guns, 227 riffles, 566 riffles, 76 revolver, 1,327 pistols and 11,563 rounds from the accused.
The PHP team alsoarrested nine dacoits during a crackdown and recovered cash, one motorcycle, three riffles, two pistols, one magazine and rounds from their possession.
Six Ak-47s, four riffles and 1300 rounds were recovered from the possession of the detainees.
The police also recovered total bet money of Rs 2,45,680, 153 pistols, 25 guns, 9 riffles, 7 Kalashnikovs, three revolvers, two daggers, a number of bullets/cartridges, 77.487 kilograms of Charas, 1.250 kg Opium and 4,851 liters liquor from their possession.They unearthed a distillery and caught seven drunkards during this period, he added.
The seized weapons comprise 7 Kalashnikovs, 12 riffles and 40 grenades.
Police spokesman said that during drive against drug pushers and hardened criminals teams of different police stations had conducted raids and recovered 1000 gram Hashish, 1000 gram Heroin, 500 bottles of liquor, three pistols, two riffles and dozens of cartridges from them.
Rangers has arrested proclaimed offender Sadam Kakar and recovered two SMG riffles from his car while the injured CID official Noor-ul-Amin succumbed to injuries.
According to a PHP spokesman,the officials recovered stolen wood of worth Rs 580,000, 798 litres liquor, 17,496 grams charas, 4,500 grams hashish, 44 pistols, six riffles, one kalashnikov, 12 guns and four magazines from their possession.
As per details, after receiving tip off Assistant Police Officer (ASP) along with Station House Officer Shahdad pur raided and arrested the eight culprits including Ghulam Mustafa Khaskheli, Sullahudin Khaskheli, Ghulam Shabbir Khaskheli, Rustam Khaskheli, Gul Hassan Khaskheli, Mushtaq Khaskheli and Mukhtar Khaskheli and recovered two Kalashnikovs, three riffles, 200 bullets from their possession.
According to PHP spokesman, the officials recovered 628 litres liquor, 15,116 grams of charas, 1,520 Kg substandard meat, 40 pistols, three riffles, two guns, two Kalashnikovs, 49 cartridges, nine magazines and 321 bullets from their possession.
KOHAT, January 12, 2011 (Frontier Star): Police arrested 46 suspects and recovered three Kalashinkov, four riffles and 13 pistols during the search operation in city and its surrounding.
The cache of weapons included five SMGs, five riffles of 30 bore, two riffles of 32 bore, a nine MM pistol, four camouflage jackets, 23 various types of magazines and 1950 various types of rounds.
According to details, in Tehsil Maidan of Lower Dir, Security Forces and Militants were involved in bloody clashes in which eight terrorists were killed while all of them were foreigners while Security Forces took in custody sophisticated weapons, bullets, hand grenades, machine guns, kaleshenkoves, hand grenades, riffles, magazines and ammunition.