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In any shopping area it is always possible to buy a 'bit of tat' (even in Harrods), but I strongly feel that the term 'riff-raff' was ill-used and I am sure that the hard-working retailers in Erdington would not appreciate their businesses being deemed as such.
Most of the cases usually involve wealthy beachfront homeowners willing to go to great lengths -- and to spend a great deal of money -- to keep the riff-raff off the pristine sand.
It's his advice to the peasants and has the added benefit that if all the commoners stay in the UK, there's more space and fewer riff-raff on Spanish beaches for the likes of David and his well-heeled chums.
The head of one of Turkey's biggest retailers, once consigned by Tayyip Erdogan to the ranks of 'riff-raff', might be forgiven for having sensed the hand of the president recently when Istanbul Stock exchange raised alarm with a terse warning to his company.
Her North Walian indifference to rugby football, the spinster cocking her nose at the religion of the riff-raff probably also appealed to him, for the idea of a riff-raff was always firmly implanted in his mind, especially where education was concerned.
The testers announce they prefer the branded stuff, before the taste-droids reveal they've switched labels, revealing the riff-raff to be brand-biased fools.
"I will be out with the riff-raff on non-show courts" - John Inverdale, whose role as a BBC Wimbledon commentator has been revised.
"The reason I wrote Riff-raff was because I had such a positive reaction to Memoirs and people kept asking me what happened next.
riff-raff An MoD insider said: "The Royal Squadron offers a rock star level of luxury - no queues, excellent food and wine and no need to deal with riff-raff."
"RIFF-RAFF" Erdogan has repeatedly dismissed the protesters as "capulcular", or riff-raff.
Is it any wonder Prime Minister Thatcher made it her goal to rid the British workplace of such militant riff-raff? Brian Nathan-Partridge Mantilla Drive, Styvechale REGARDING B Ward's letter (Telegraph March 25), it is blatantly obvious that he is one of the naive voters who fell for all the Tory propaganda - blaming the Labour party for all the problems caused by the credit crunch, which resulted in the creation of the coalition government which should have been called the Destruction party.
This week, the king opens up his private course to the European Tour riff-raff for the tournament named after his late father, Hassan II.
So if you're from the ruling class If you're some high patrician Don't think of us as riff-raff Without morals or ambition For one day soon this worm will turn Take warning from a prole Or we'll copy what the Frenchies did "Let the tumbills roll!" by Tommy Dewhurst, Lydiate
Inferior, ill-bred, vulgar herd, unwashed, Ragtag and Bobtail, riff-raff and scum, dregs of society, cattle vermin, common sort, small fry, slum population trash, low life underlings, nobodies, serfs, slaves, guttersnipes.
This ageing British vigilante was a man with a plan (flask of Complan more like!) to eradicate muggers, pimps and pushers and other riff-raff from the streets of New York.