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Synonyms for rife

Synonyms for rife

most generally existing or encountered at a given time

full of animation and activity


Synonyms for rife

most frequent or common

excessively abundant

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RIFER staffs around 60 personnel and has achieved significant development in the last few years by upgrading its facilities, production processes and methods.
The Sungai Pakning refinery is located on the brink of the Pakning rifer over a land plot of 40 hectares.
91) Nalle Hopkins Ranch Russian Rifer Valley Pinot Noir 2005 (California).
Class struggles and competition are rifer within branches of the ANC (and Inkatha for that matter) than they are between workers, bosses and the state in broader society.
It's back when Joe Public hated the police, coppers were as dodgy as Ray's curly hairdo(n't), and sexism in the workplace was rifer than at a Benny Hill convention.
Plus, there's a huge stash of out-of-service computers and other old electronics in closets and basements - perhaps five to seven pounds per person - Rifer said.
I was so unhappy that the bulimia just got rifer and rifer.
The power of the EPEAT idea has proven itself far beyond initial expectations," said Wayne Rifer, EPEAT Director of Standards and Training.
I was so unhappy when I went back there that the bulimia just got rifer and rifer.