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Synonyms for rife

Synonyms for rife

most generally existing or encountered at a given time

full of animation and activity


Synonyms for rife

most frequent or common

excessively abundant

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"The village of Cary has no interest in allowing mining on that property," said Rife, adding that Meyer also doesn't have plans to mine the site in the future.
But Rife sees the most potential in Central Pennsylvania's rich factory and production history.
"I'm hoping they are getting out of it whatever they want to get out of it," Rife said.
And while Rife sounds like he has been burned by the British beauty, she remains friends with ex Michael Sheen ('Frost/Nixon', 'The Queen') with whom she shares a daughter.
Rife, a stand-up comedian from Ohio, said he had not spoken to Davidson in at least a year.
"There were some ergonomic issues," says Rife. "It's a fairly repetitive process to load the two-packs into the cartons.
"It's so rife and accepted throughout our society, that is the problem.
Technology platforms including TIA and RIFE, implemented at Nationale-Nederlanden, allow quick adaptation to the specific expectations of the partner (eg.
The four brands will continue to operate as unique brands servicing precision rife shooters, while working together to enhance their collective offerings and services.
Nevertheless, the powers thatb are in conrol sen the Rife Machine as a hazard to their western medicine and pharmaceutical money making giants.
However, the powers thatb remain in conrol sen the Rife Machine as a hazard to their western medicine and pharmaceutical cash making giants.
Kevin Rife paid $2.1 million for the former Forbo Adhesives facility at 4248 W.
Dalkey Archive David Albahari's collection of twenty short stories detailing the experience of living as an immigrant are rife with intense beauty regardless of whether the ending is joyful or sorrowful.
RUTHIN International Film Extravaganza (RIFE) is being held in the town on Saturday, September 5.
Arguments are rife over whether to Arguments are rife over whether to |help Stan die