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the basic unit of money in Cambodia

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He added that 'around 30 per cent of all MFIs in the Kingdom' would find it difficult to adhere to the NBC's new requirement, saying those institutions 'do not have a lot of operations in the countryside where the riel dominates'.
He found another window smashed, with a brick lying inside the hostel and he spotted Riel running away.
As Jean Louis Riel was born in 1882, more than ten years after Larsen vanished and his studios closed, the little boy with Julie Riel cannot be him.
Thompson played a significant role in the Louis Riel affair only after the execution, which took place on November 16, 1885.
Russel Braun delivered a vocally and scenically moving performance as Louis Riel, a character who is all at once an agitator, a patriot and an exalted mystic fit for the madhouse.
Les romans-verite jeunesse Louis Riel de Louise Tondreau-Levert et Louis Riel : Combattant metis de Martine Noel-Maw sont fideles a cette quete et reussissent ainsi a capter l'essentiel de l'histoire de Riel, eclairant sa verite, c'est-a-dire qu'elles font valoir la voix de Riel.
The bank in April created a system for bank transfers in riel instead of dollars, for the first time.
Van Riel provides a concise reconstruction of the historical context of Plato's own reception of Greek religion and theology in the fourth century BC beginning with the endeavor to morally purify the gods while paradoxically preserving the anthropomorphism of the traditional Homeric/Hesiodic account.
(b.) For some markets, at some time periods, charcoal prices were reported in riel per kilogram.
(SeeNews) - Aug 28, 2013 - The creditors of insolvent Austrian construction firm Alpine could be left empty-handed, liquidator Stephan Riel said yesterday.
For five days, Lalaine has been waiting for word about her eldest child, Jan Riel, an excavator operator, who was buried with nine other people by tons of soil in Wednesday's (February 13) collapse of the Panian open mine pit of Semirara Mining Corp.
16, marking the death of leader Louis Riel. The colour party stands behind (from left) Elder Gloria Laird, Metis Nation of Alberta vice president Toby Racette, Progressive Conservative and Metis MLA Pearl Calahasen, Liberal MLA Raj Sherman, Aboriginal Relations Minister Robin Campbell, Speaker of the Legislature Gene Zwozdesky, Wildrose MLA Joe Anglin, New Democrat MLA Derek Bilous, Edmonton City councillor Tony Catarina and president of the Women of Metis Nation Melanie Omeniho.
Metis leader Louis Riel was hanged in Regina 125 years ago, after a court decision ruled that he committed treason against the Canadian Government for his part in the Northwest Resistance.
Marshals Oregon Fugitive Task Force officers arrested Robert Louis Riel, 30, and Amour Villamar, 30, at about 12:30 p.m., according to the Marshals Service.