riding crop

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a short whip with a thong at the end and a handle for opening gates


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A Tennessee psychiatrist was accused of smacking her patients with whips and riding crops and also comparing them to mules, media reports said. Dr.
RUBBER chickens, Barbie dolls and riding crops have been named as some of the weirdest dogs' dinners.
For a tong time legend had it that the tree grew out of George Washington's riding crop, but core sampling proved the tree dates back to 1699--years before Washington.
This ribald dramedy boasts plenty of lezzie lust, cheeky humor and more latex than you can shake a leather riding crop at.
My thoughts of, crap--I screwed the pooch, were almost instantly reinforced by a riding crop making solid contact with the top of my steel pot helmet closely followed by the DI grabbing my weapon and the words, "Private Douglas, what the hell do you think you're doing?" screamed less than half an inch from my right ear.
Especially if you don't like feeling the sting of that riding crop.
A MAN who whipped his children with a riding crop as punishment was yesterday found guilty of cruelty.
Natori Nijo, the aforementioned fiance (as per familial arrangement), wears a black armband and carries around a riding crop or a whip, depending on his mood.
For example, a new trooper had to buy his own boots, shoulder chains, chinstrap and riding crop, and pay for the tailoring of his tunic and breeches.
The polished pageantry of dancing in turn links the video and the video stills, which are arrayed in storyboard formation flanking the projection: A belle waves her mask; a riding crop is frozen between function and fetish.
He's wearing a helmet and holding a riding crop, just as George C.
You've seen it before: cords of corpses, haystacks of human hair, still shots of a grinning SS officer using his riding crop to separate those immediately doomed to the crematorium from those doomed to more slave labor and a later date with death.
Curiously, Zlata is also seen whipping Uncle Daddy with a riding crop as Desna and other people watch.
In November, footage appeared to show one member beating a hunt saboteur with a riding crop. Greenacres said the hunt has strict instructions not to use their 100-acre plot of land.