riding breeches

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flared trousers ending at the calves

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If we knew the riding breeches were worn by one of the jockeys, that would be really great.
The riding breeches and jacket are among the specialities of the brand which has given a certain 'sport of kings' charm to the fashion industry and are recognised as international iconic fashion pieces.
The six-time Tony nominee created more 120 costumes including wool melton uniforms with stretch riding breeches for the men and fully boned corseted silk taffeta looks with elasticized panels for the women.
The Brazilian, who currently leads the jockeys' table with 85 wins (as on Friday), will now sport the Al Basti Equiworld logo on his riding breeches.
"I remember a girl living next door came home and I thought it looked smart, with riding breeches and cream shirt.
Our special envoys report shooting and heavy explosions across the country, she gasps, as Israel innocently celebrates its independence day with fireworks displays and fly-pasts.A third shows an Israeli barbecue, where a bouncy Spanish TV reporter in riding breeches informs her audience: Most Israeli homes don't have electricity or gas, so they use ancient cooking methods, like meat roasted on charcoal .Sampling a kebab, she purrs: Mmm.
Does Russian leader Vladimir Putin get anxious that his bum might look big in his riding breeches? Does that bloke who used to be in UB40 mind that he could open a bakery with all his muffin tops?
The cut of his jacket denotes this and from what I can see of his trousers they are riding breeches.
She developed a penchant for a manly style of riding breeches that mimicked the costume of her ancestor, the Sun King, Louis the XIV, and wore gaulles, simple white linen frocks, to match her unregulated lifestyle at the Petit Trianon palace (a gift from her husband in 1774, where she retreated from the elaborate rituals of Versailles).
The riders on the Arlington horses are dressed in the Army dress blue uniform with riding breeches and boots with spurs.
Steady, Cook - is the more subdued of the two as Buttercup - if wearing riding breeches that look as if he has had a giant frisbee strapped to each leg can be classed as such.
Dark Horse by Tami Hoag (Orion pounds 10.99) IF you thought those showjumpers were all nice people with morals as crisp as a freshly-pressed pair of riding breeches, then think again.
Still wearing her riding breeches and boots, the Queen took her mother's hand and stroked it gently.
He has lost his authority to his wife, who "hiked up her skirts and pulled on man's boots," while he himself "took off his riding breeches" (38).