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Synonyms for ridiculer

a humorist who uses ridicule and irony and sarcasm

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Moreover, provocateurs and ridiculers expose the stupidity of the fundamentalists.
Moreover, Addison asserts that, as butts, lovable humorists who are gentlemen have the wit and sense to turn the tables and ridicule their ridiculers. The lovable humorist thus has the potential to switch his status and become the amiable satirist.
The ridiculers will be accountable for their misdeeds on the Day of Judgment.
But in a technically wired world in which people, things and ideas move so freely, the ridiculers should stop to reconsider.
Pound also prefers that reader who takes note of his excoriation of such easily swayed ridiculers and instead attempts to find joy in that which is not readily found to be enjoyable, despite the effort required to find out why he should be joyful.
I REALLY must answer my critics and ridiculers as I've been taking a little flak lately.
Give religious fanatics the right to prosecute ridiculers and it will go the way of football, where supporters hurl abuse at players then whine to police when the abuse is turned back on them.
The Tale's nothingness is rendered in the sermon as the realm of ridiculers, who