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Synonyms for ridicule

Synonyms for ridicule

words or actions intended to evoke contemptuous laughter

to make fun or make fun of

Synonyms for ridicule

language or behavior intended to mock or humiliate

the act of deriding or treating with contempt

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He further requested that the respondents might be refrained from issuing such statements as they tend to bring hatred, ridicule and contempt for the judiciary.
My lawyers are demanding for appropriate compensation for damages, ridicule, embarrassment and disrepute brought to my name as a result of my wilful exclusion from participating in the election resulting to zero (0) score credited to my name which is now in public domain.
One might expect a book on the politics of wit and the significance of ridicule in public discourse to begin with the third Earl of Shaftesbury on "ridicule as the test of truth.
Qasem Exirifard has been dismissed from Tehran's Khajeh Nasir Toosi university after its academic committee, in charge of examining staff's qualifications, deemed his voice was so effeminate it could lead to students ridicule him in the classroom.
Now they attack and ridicule Alex Salmond and the SNP.
Earlier federal minister appeared in the court in person and told that his aim was not to ridicule the court and his remarks were presented out of context.
THE somewhat surprise reappointment of Joe Kinnear as Newcastle Utd director of football has evoked predictable hostile ridicule from the southern media hacks and Sky Sports TV who have never been the friends of our club in the past.
EMPLOYEES with disabilities are twice as likely to be attacked at work and experience higher rates of insults, ridicule and intimidation, according to new research published today.
The ad goes on to ridicule Samsung's popular 'aapke paas nahi hai uncle' catchphrase and coins new 'aapke paas nahi hai aunty'
He attacked Christianity with scorn, ridicule and insult.
Despite ridicule from the others, Delilah can't stop her imagination from soaring.
Individuals who have the meanness to ridicule and mock someone's gestures should at least have the courage to write their names.
The golliwog doll originated as a caricature of black slaves, whosemasterswouldmake them dress in outlandish clothing so they could ridicule them.
What I don't think we should do is go abroad and ridicule him to foreigners for a cheap laugh, especially when that ridicule is based on his ethnicity and a disability he has risen so far above that many people don't realise it exists.
IN these modern times we don't require people like Pontius Pilate to ridicule Jesus Christ.