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Synonyms for ridgepole

a beam laid along the edge where two sloping sides of a roof meet at the top

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So came our Captain with the mighty heart: And when the step of earthquake shook the house, Wrenching rafters from their ancient hold, He held the ridgepole up, and spiked again The rafters of the Home.
Tiny, hot hand inside her nightgown, reaching for a breast, crowding her to the edge of the bed till she's balanced there like she's lying on the ridgepole of a house.
As the horse bent to his work, the rope stiffened, the pulleys squeaked and a ponderous clump of hay would rise from the wagon up to the ridgepole where the carriage would link to the iron rail and be transported to wherever the hay was to be dumped.
another moment of air guitar, then he's holding the ridgepole for me as I tighten a guy line.
A tremendous gust of wind bellied under the tent, blew it out like a balloon, and then the ridgepole snapped, tearing a rent in the poncho.
Early tracks made of 4-by-4 lumber were suspended the length of the barn just under the ridgepole. As the price of steel dropped, its lighter weight, smaller size and easier operation soon made it the standard for track.
In Anne of Green Gables, Anne walks the ridgepole of a house and floats down a stream lying down on a raft as part of a play her friends are staging.
Extend this line across both top and bottom chords to mark the trim line for the ridgepole and trim the end with a saw.
He could've saved himself, come up with something, but he was right on the ridgepole of telling her he wasn't ready and he waited a moment too long.
The gongs were hung on ropes from a length of bamboo parallel to the roof ridgepole. A bamboo ledge below the gongs functioned as a seat for the performers.
The ridgepole or middle is supported by 36 massay pillars of the breadfruit tree.
To build this frame, first secure a ridgepole that's about three feet longer than the length of your tent.
The three poems published in Islands--one set at Karekare, one set in fifteenth-century Florence, and a third commenting on the themes of the other two--are the ridgepole of the ursequence.