ride roughshod

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treat inconsiderately or harshly

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The senior management of this company seem determined to ride roughshod over their staff.
It is the decent taxpaying public who are being treated like servants by those who ride roughshod over our finances.
WHY has Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Stephen Hester been allowed to ride roughshod over a Commons finance committee which had no backbone?
How else are we to enclose gifts in birthday cards, pay tradesmen and do the dozen other things for which cheques are perfect and why are we letting banks ride roughshod over us in this way?
IS KARREN Brady saying get rid of the ban on fox hunting, and allow hunts to ride roughshod through the countryside to satisfy their blood lust as previously?
The Czechs in particular seem willing to ride roughshod over the EU's legal powers on visa and immigration policy in a mad dash to secure visa-free travel.
Tesco knows it isn't actually illegal to ride roughshod over the planning process.
It's further proof that we follow every single Euro law to the letter, while other countries just ride roughshod over them.
It calls for nations to ride roughshod over their immigration laws, in order to move non-citizens into jobs.
A few months ago, the common wisdom held that the Lakers, with their ``Fab Four'' of future Hall of Fame players, would ride roughshod over the league and leave the other 28 teams as helpless observers to their coronation.
To support her arguments she resorts to readings and paraphrases that ride roughshod over the sources.
Forty-two have proven invasive enough to ride roughshod over native neighbors.
Educated at Harvard and the University of Chicago, McIntosh has used his establishment credentials to ride roughshod over traditional liberal causes.
Lynn said Americans United intends to cooperate with the Thompson committee, but will not allow the panel to ride roughshod over us.
RBC is a fine organization but needs to realize it cannot ride roughshod over contractual commitments while furthering its expansion objectives in the U.