ride off

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ride away on a horse, for example


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I can't understand why anyone would do this and then ride off. "There's so much technology these days so hopefully someone has dash-cam footage that may help, or mobile phone footage.
The second-best option is to ride off to the side of the lead boat, on what is called the bow wave.
Warning her to leave the area, she is left lying naked in the dust as they ride off. Bounty hunter Baines Meredith comes up to the ranch and sees Julie on the ground.
The England captain, 29, took a jet-ski ride off the French Riviera as wife Victoria and the couple's sons Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, one, looked on.
"I actually saw him ride off about 50 yards, stop, open the bag and put his hand in.
Before you kiss the girl, snug down your white Stetson and ride off into the sunset, why not do one more good deed?