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ride away on a horse, for example


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With MobilityWorks' current 35 showrooms and the new Ride Away and Mobility Freedom stores, the combined companies will have 57 locations in 21 states.
They also ride away from the kerb so motorists can see them easier and then regard them as other legitimate road users and not someone that should be demoted to the gutter.
Whenever Joan passed me I hit straight back and was able to ride away, which made for an easier last lap compared to when I won here last year.
Mark and Ride Away also show that the best just keep getting better.
Doody now can go where he wants, when be wants, thanks to Ride Away and Operation Support Our Troops.
Andros Island, the largest of the 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas, is just a 10-minute plane ride away from the mega-resorts, golf courses and party vibe of tourist-oriented New Providence Island.
Every night they'll try to get round the ring without falling off, then take part in a jump-off to see who has to ride away -although viewers can vote to save their favourite.
The problem is that the temporary terminal now in use is a five-minute bus ride away from where the ship docks.
Located just a short train ride away from midtown Manhattan, many of the apartments will have sweeping views of the city's skyline.
Only when the likes of Ride Away and classic Boxoctosis kicked in at the end did we really get excited by this semi-living legend.
I can travel all over Merseyside And not really be alone For every place I'd journey to I would have been there before with you On the train, on the bus And even on the ferry It would seem there is not a place Where I would be totally alone Along every road and down every street You are forever in my sight You're beside me no matter what time of day When I'm feeling low I know somewhere in my memory You are only a short train or bus ride away
And as the arrival of HIV, West Nile virus, and other "exotic" illnesses attest, next week's viral outbreak from within the heart of some darkness is only a plane ride away.
Great jobs are available, just a short ferry ride away.